WCCP Approach

We have always maintained a lean organization, outsourcing brokerage, legal, construction and property management services to third parties. Rather than having to keep a pipeline filled with fee-generating properties to support a large staff, we’re selective with our investment decisions. Our partnership structure aligns our interests with those of our investors by generating the bulk of our compensation through investment performance instead of fee-based services.

This adds up to low corporate overhead and high returns. While high returns are often equated with high risk, we focus on wins that come from specialized knowledge rather than from extreme risk. We define success as avoiding loss while generating significant returns.

At WCCP, we don’t focus on any particular asset class, location or yield requirement. Instead, we focus on making investments at an entry point where our basis will give us an advantage against assets in the subset of competing properties. This approach allows for significant upside in well-capitalized investments with the right turnaround strategy, while our low basis limits downside and allows for flexibility while stabilizing a property.

As a boutique investment company, we’re not constrained by the need to cater to fund criteria or outside requirements from our capital sources. We maintain discretion in major investment decisions and preserve our flexibility relative to our investment horizon, avoiding the untimely disposition of assets.